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Force Install OpenLiteSpeed on Rocky Linux 9

Author: Michael Ibanes - 16 Feb 2023

Read this before installing anything

As of 16 Feb 2023 it is not yet possible to install OpenLitespeed on Rocky 9 with 'dnf' due to missing dependencies. First of all, please check this post as the problem might have been fixed by the time you read this guide.

If the problem has not yet been fixed and you are getting the following error :

# dnf install openlitespeed
LiteSpeed Tech Repository for CentOS 9 - x86_64 20 kB/s | 3.6 kB 00:00
LiteSpeed Tech Update Repository for CentOS 9 - x86_64
Problem: conflicting requests
- nothing provides lsphp74-mcrypt needed by openlitespeed-1.7.16-3.el9.x86_64

There is a way to force install OpenLiteSpeed if you are desperate like myself. Do not proceed unless you know what you are doing .

Install the required repos if not already installed

1 - Epel

dnf install epel-release

2 - Remi (for libargon2, gd3php and oniguruma5php dependencies)

dnf install

3 - OpenLiteSpeed (There is no rpm for el9 available, most probably because of this current issue) but we can install the generic repo file and GPG key

cd /etc/yum.repos.d

cd /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/

Install OpenLiteSpeed

1 - Install required lsphp74 packages except unavailable lsphp74-mcrypt

dnf install libnsl lsphp74 lsphp74-common lsphp74-imap lsphp74-json lsphp74-mbstring lsphp74-mysqlnd lsphp74-opcache lsphp74-process lsphp74-gd lsphp74-xml

2 - Force install OpenLiteSpeed RPM

cd /usr/src
rpm -i --nodeps


That's it, a working installation with just a missing PHP mcrypt extension.

Optional installation of lsphp 8.2

If you then need to install a more recent PHP and some extensions.

dnf install lsphp82 lsphp82-mbstring lsphp82-gd lsphp82-zip lsphp82-mysqlnd
cd  /usr/local/lsws/fcgi-bin
ln -s ../lsphp82/bin/lsphp ./lsphp82
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