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Welcome to Miky's Wiki

Rocky Linux(RHEL9) stuff

Updates and releases of CentOS Linux® 7 will be discontinued on June 30, 2024. I am currently managing close to 40 servers running CentOS 7 and hosting a variety of applications and services.

The time has come to migrate them to freshly deployed Rocky 9 servers. I have just started and already encountered some difficulties due to OS and application changes. Time-consuming little problems for which answers are still difficult to find.

Since many CentOS 7/8 and even Rocky8 tutorials and posts out there are now partially obsolete for RHEL9 & Rocky 9 I will be posting updated tutorials or tips if I fail to find already existing and accurate ones.

Ubuntu Linux stuff

Unfortunately, RHEL decided to drop support for Btrfs, it makes no sense as Fedora switched to using it as its filesystem by default. Go figure. I do rely on Btrfs for several incremental backup CentOS 7 servers that I will now have to replace with Ubuntu as it supports it natively. If I come across something Ubuntu-related worth posting, it will go in this section.

Other stuff

Probably a little bit of everything, things I'd like to share or just want to keep handy for myself :-)

Michael Ibanes - 03 Feb 2023

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